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Precision CNC Milling: CNC Machined Aluminum Aircraft Fittings for the Aerospace & Defense Industries

Dekalb Tool & Die, Inc. CNC machining services are well suited to a wide range of industries and applications, as this CNC machined structural aircraft fitting project shows. Our CNC mill features X, Y, and Z travels of 132", 72", and 35", and we used it to machine 18 structural aircraft fittings from a 400 lb. forged 7050 aluminum billet. Working to a tolerance ±.0025", DeKalb Tool and Die milled the structural aircraft fittings to the customer-specified dimensions of 5" in length, 15" wide, and 35" tall, with a minimum web thickness of .06".

DeKalb Tool & Die also carried out tensile strength testing in process, and provided a Mil-Spec compliant finish for these CNC machined aircraft fittings. As carriers of a CAGE code, Dekalb Tool and Die is able to supply pieces like this to all types of aerospace and defense firms and agencies. Dekalb Tool & Die's extensive testing and ISO quality assurance standards ensure that necessary requirements will be met.

CNC Machined 7050 Aluminum Aircraft Fittings for the Aerospace & Defense Industries

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CNC Machined Project Specifications

Product Description   These CNC Machined Structural Aircraft Fittings were machined from 400lbs forged billet.
Capabilities Applied/Processes   CNC Milling
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part  
CNC Mill:
  • X:132"
  • Y:72"
  • X35"
  • W:38"
Overall Part Dimensions  
Length: 5"
Width: 15"
Height: 35"
Minimum Web Thickness: .06"
Tightest Tolerances   ±.0025
Material Used   7050-T7452
Finish   Per MIL SPEC
In process testing performed  
Tensile Strength Surface Finish (Out Sourced / LAB)
Estimated Part Weight   13lbs
Industry for Use   Aerospace/Defense
Volume   18
Delivery Location   USA
Standards Met  
Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing Carrier of a CAGE Code
Product Name   Aluminum Structural Aircraft Fittings

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