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Tool Design and Manufacturing of a Progressive Die for a Fluorescent Light Fixture Housing

Making use of a wide range of tool and die capabilities, Dekalb Tool & Die, Inc. designed and manufactured a progressive die for use in the metal stamping production of a fluorescent light fixture housing.

Working from a supplied 2D CAD drawing, Dekalb Tool & Die engineers used MasterCam design and programming in preparation to manufacture the tooling in two segments that would be joined in the press. Dekalb Tool and Die's CNC machining capabilities allowed for simultaneous 2D and 3-axis contouring of the tooling, which also underwent wire EDM machining, heat treatment, and surface grinding to meet the exact shape and dimensions required by the customer. The final dimensions of the die were 52" x 144", with all features machined to within ±.005", and the final, 7 lb. two-segment piece was shipped to the customer for use in an 800 ton press with a 96" x 144" bed size. 

Dekalb Tool & Die's in-house die-mounting and die tryout service combined with CMM inspection guaranteed that the die tooling would be exactly what the customer required, and Dekalb Tool and Die's unique two-segment solution saved the customer tooling time and costs by creating a more versatile piece.

Design & Manufacturing of a Progressive Die for Fluorescent Light Fixture

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Progressive Die Project Specifications

Progressive Die Product Description   This Light Fixture Housing Die Tooling was manufactured in two segments and joined in the press, and will manufacture the product from pre-painted coil stock.
Too & Die Capabilities Applied/Processes  
Autocad-2D/ VISI -3D/ MasterCam Design & Program
CNC Machining
  • 2-D & 3 Axis Simultaneous Contouring
WIRE EDM Machining
Heat Treatment
Surface Grinding
Die Mounting (Overhead crane capacity 30 Tons)
Die Tryout (In House)
CMM Part Inspection
Progressive Die Equipment Fitted to  
800 Ton Press
  • 96"x144" Bed Size
  • 18" Stroke
  • 48" Max. Shut Height
Feed Equipment
  • 60" Max. Coil Width x .200" Thick
  • 10" Max Coil Width x .375" Thick
  • 30,000lbs Max. Coil Weight
Overall Part Dimensions  
Die Size:
Product Material Size: .026"x24.41"x48.310"
Progressive Die Characteristics   Built In Two Segments
Joined in the Press to Accommodate Specific Equipment
Progressive Die Tightest Tolerances   +/- .005"
Material Used   M4 High Speed Steel Cutting edges/ D2 Forms
Estimated Part Weight   7 lbs
Industry for Use   Lighting
Progressive Die Part Volume   1 Per Stroke
Progressive Die Delivery Location   Southeastern USA
Criteria Met   Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name   Decorative Chrome Plated Stainless 20" Wheel Cladding

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